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Passive Trackers

Passive GPS Trackers

Passive GPS Trackers

With our Passive Time GPS tracking systems, LandAirSea offers the most innovative technology in the GPS tracking market. Our small and discreet GPS trackers can be placed practically anywhere on a vehicle, in a bag, or in a coat pocket. The Passive Time GPS tracking systems can last for extremely long periods of time, some up to a month, and can provide you with step-by-step tracking through printable reports, which include driving activity. These trackers are perfect for managing fleets of vehicles or even keeping track of how your personal vehicle is being driven.

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Tracking Key 2

The Tracking Key 2 is a simple, yet powerful GPS tracking device from LandAirSea that can be used internationally. This updated version of the original Tracking Key enables users to conduct second-by-second vehicle tracking in passive time. This ultra-compact GPS tracker comes with an attached magnet used for placing the device anywhere there is metal. It can be placed discreetly on a vehicle for concealed tracking and can provide the location of the vehicle within 6 feet of the device. The Tracking Key 2 continues to be used by individuals, businesses, and even law enforcement agencies.


Flashback Tracker

The Flashback GPS Tracker is an incredibly powerful passive time tracking device that is perfect for individuals looking to monitor their vehicles, other people, or important assets. With a very compact design and strong internal magnet, the Flashback GPS Tracker can be placed anywhere there is metal, including underneath the vehicle, which ensures discreet and practically undetectable tracking. The Flashback GPS Tracker is also waterproof, which makes it safe to use in any weather condition.


GPS Tracking Key Replacement Parts Kit

The groundbreaking GPS tracking device, Tracking Key 2, is capable of tracking any vehicle, person, or asset, regardless of location. In order to conduct this type of surveillance, the Tracking Key 2 is often placed in concealed areas that could cause damage to the GPS tracker. For these types of issues, LandAirSea provides the GPS Tracking Key Replacement Parts Kit to assist in making the Tracking Key 2 last as long as possible. These easy to remove and replace parts will ensure the GPS tracker remains in excellent working condition for the long-term.


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