Real Time GPS Trackers

Real Time GPS Trackers

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LandAirSea 54

When it comes to GPS tracking, nothing beats our latest GPS Tracker, the LandAirSea 54. The 54 is a compact and 100% waterproof GPS tracking device. Its size is about the same as that of a roll of Scotch tape, which makes it practically unnoticeable especially in certain areas, like under the frame of a vehicle, in a purse, or a coat pocket.


SilverCloud Sync 2

The SilverCloud Sync Personal & Fleet GPS Tracking System from LandAirSea is designed to plug directly into a vehicle and provide alerts for high speed, low battery, rapid acceleration, idle time, and harsh braking. This information can be accessed through the device’s SilverCloud Online software via most web browsers. The SilverCloud software utilizes Google Maps for an easy navigation interface. The SilverCloud software also generates printable activity reports that show the speed, stops, addresses, time, and miles driven for a single vehicle or a fleet of vehicles.


SilverCloud 2020

The SilverCloud 2020 simplifies the method of tracking like never before. With its compact build, it can be placed practically anywhere. This real-time GPS tracking device is perfect for personal tracking. For parents who are concerned about their teenager driving, this tracking system will send alerts through text or email about speeding and whether the vehicle arrives at its specified location.


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